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Öselian is a custom typeface designed for the Lahhentagge Distillery based on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia. The craft distillery produces one of Estonia's first craft gins, along with an expanding range of other spirits and tonics. The typeface is the key element of the Distillery’s overall look, and is used widely in their branding and product labels.

The typography reflects the sense of history and handcraft of the brand. It contains a range of special features, alternate characters and even a set of historical diacritics. The most significant of which is an old German umlaut which appears in the title of the Distillery's flagship product - Ösel Dry Gin.

Lately, in order to make it more versatile, the font family has been extended by Manu de Lignières, with a condensed version of the typeface which has been used for the design of a new spirit, soon to be released.